Step into the expanded version of who you are.

by | Jan 25, 2021

My mum, is one of the kindest people I know. It oozes out of her.

She’ll possibly never know her impact on all those who come through her ‘always open front door’. Always made to feel incredibly welcomed, accepted and liked. 

I started to notice that when she left a voicemail she always said “It’s just me” or, “it’s only me”.

Common expressions that roll off our tongue with little thought to their significance. 

When I say, “Mum no more ‘only’ or just’ okay,” she giggles and no doubt laughs and shakes her head. I now know, that deep in her bones she knows, she’s part of something bigger. And she’s playing her part beautifully.

What we say when we speak about ourselves is important. 

We are always affirming who we are, to the Universe. If we say ‘it’s only me’ or ‘just me’ we might unknowingly keep ourselves small. 

When we say this to a family member we are diminishing a part of who they are too. But it’s our actions that truly speak louder than our words.

So what does an expanded version of ourselves feel like? Who is the one that doesn’t shrink from the truth of who we are?

For me, it’s a version of me that walks taller, is fully present no matter what. The one that looks people directly in the eye when speaking. It’s the version that breathes deeply into her belly and trusts, that she’s exactly where she’s meant to be. Yes even now, especially now. 

It’s the version of myself that will make eye contact with her reflection in the mirror without judgement. That will smile at who she sees. 

The one who listens fully before she speaks. The expanded version of me isn’t concerned that her eye brows seem to have faded. Nor is she concerned that her teeth are somehow longer. 

The expanded version of who I am doesn’t care whether I have a bikini beach ready tummy. She desires that I have the mental freedom’ to be, regardless.

The expanded version is the one that says, “F**k it” and takes action when I doubt myself. She is able to own and feel all the human emotions that come my way. 

Do I step into this version daily? 

No. During this lockdown, I’ve sometimes found it hard to step into anything other than my slippers.

I started writing this post on one of those days, on what we call, ‘a drech day’ in Scotland.

Foggy, wet, misty and cold.

On that day, the winter sun couldn’t be seen at all. The weather mirroring me, and me mirroring the weather.  

My to do list, written the night before said the following:




Sea swim,


Admin stuff,

Be creative! 

On that ‘drech day’ I eventually sat at my desk at 12.25pm and could tick ‘UP’ off this list. 

Then after a while I was able to tick off writing. I even went out for a walk and by the end of the day, had even done some January admin.

The point is, the expanded version of myself believed in me even though I got distracted by ‘Wanted down under’. She didn’t berate me. She values being not doing.

She was the one who said:

“It’s okay, let’s take this one day after another and I promise you things will feel clearer and brighter soon”. 

What does she see?

It’s through her eyes that I can see laughter and gatherings with people hugging. Through her eyes that I can feel the excitement of brighter tomorrows and a more peaceful today.

It’s her fingers that tap on this keyboard. 

She’s the one who brought me back to today. She felt the sun on her face whilst swimming and came out laughing. She’s always trying to remind me of the beauty in everyday.

We may all from time to time get in our own way, and mistakenly think that we are ‘just’.

But the truth is none of us are ‘just’. 

We are all part of the ‘I am’. As part of the the ‘I am’ we will continue to expand. We will take ourselves into a brighter tomorrow. 

With love to you on Burns Night.

Until the next time.

In this second lock down, we can acknowledge how we feel, and still tap into guidance from within. This will take us into a brighter tomorrow.

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