1-2-1 Coaching with Andrea Gardner


A one-hour introductory coaching session with Heal Your Life coach Andrea Gardner at The Barefoot Sanctuary (8-session course recommended). Appointments available on Thursdays, in-person or online. When you book you’ll be contacted to arrange a date and time. £75 introductory session and £500 for 8-week course



I’m Andrea Gardner, a Heal Your Life coach, Reiki master and clinical hypnotherapist. I feel blessed to have been doing this work for over 20 years both in person and online and my clients are people from around the world who come to me when their lives aren’t working on some level.  Whether they’re struggling with health or financial problems, or relationship or career issues, it’s always an outer effect of an inner thought pattern and we work together to change those limiting beliefs. It’s like a thought detox and we will be looking deeply at your ‘story’ and family history, not to dwell there but to move forward and create a more supportive framework for your life.  

There are 8 sessions to this coaching block and to get the most benefit you need to fully commit to all 8 sessions. That’s why I ask for full payment upfront after our first session together. This process requires your willingness to change and some work on your part. It may be challenging at times though if you stick with it, the results are very worthwhile. Many of my clients experience miraculous results, from being in long-term remission from cancer to attracting new relationships, more money and more satisfying livelihoods. What I will give you is my full commitment to helping you improve your life and putting you in touch with your inner healing power. 

The tools we’ll be using are coaching and discussion, some Reiki, affirmations and visualisations. I am also a licensed clinical hypnotherapist and if I think hypnotherapy would benefit you I will suggest it, though the final decision always rests with you. There will be growth work each week which I’ll ask you to work on in the week between sessions. Nothing too strenuous, just exercises that will help keep you on track to achieve those goals.

Whatever the issue, what we’re really working on is learning to love the self. One of the best teachers I know for this is Louise Hay – I am one of her certified coaches. 

To get the most from our time together, I would ask you to pre-order Louise Hay’s book and workbook which you’ll find on Amazon:

You Can Heal Your Life (paperback)

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life (workbook)

I will also gift you a copy of my own Hay House book ‘Change Your Words, Change Your World’ when we begin. When you’re ready to get started we can schedule our first session in person or online.

With Deepest Gratitude


What’s Included?

A typical session lasts 60 minutes and costs £75. If you feel we’re a good match after our first session, you’ll be invited to commit to an 8-week block of sessions at the discounted rate of £500, paid upfront. 


The Barefoot Sanctuary, North Berwick


Appointments are available on Thursdays. Andrea will contact you to arrange a date and time when you book.

Covid-19 Safety at The Barefoot Sanctuary

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