How to feel alive and at peace.

by | Nov 24, 2020

Just doing this always makes me feel at peace and alive.

A couple of weeks ago I spent a few hours on the beach. This is in itself, an essential part of my mental health wellbeing and is fully integrated into The Barefoot Sanctuary coaching journey.  

I was joined by Jojo Fraser. Jojo is a podcaster, Author and mental health advocate, or should say a mental health fire starter, because she really is leading the way in the real conversation about mental health and her podcast is gaining momentum. She has also just given her first TED Talk!

It’s been a roller coaster 2020

She has had a roller coaster year, spending time in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, just before lockdown. We really connected with each other as we discussed our mental and spiritual journey’s. Jojo has recently read my book, Permission To Shine and because of her recent experience, she really related to my story.

We sat on the beach together, getting still, connecting to our breath and visualising. Then we went into the sea. Afterwards sitting some more, with a hot cuppa, chatting and munching on a biscuit or two!

The winter sun here in North Berwick always seems to make this possible and that early November day was a sunny blessed day indeed. 

It was one of those interviews that didn’t feel like an interview.  I loved Jo jo’s openness, honesty and willingness to embrace the process. She truly is a MOJO injection! Before and after we chat about our mental health and I explain why sea swimming as well as a mental health immunity booster, truly does feel like a sacred act.

So, listen in to our time on the beach.

Last Sunday Jojo recorded her first TED talk so make sure you sign up to her website so that you can watch it when it becomes available. 

With love, til the next time

Bernadette x

Coming up the last full sea and me before Christmas- Friday 4th December The Barefoot Sanctuary Sea and Me and the first live in person Circle of light takes places this Sunday 29th November.


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