It is safe for me to be seen and heard.

by | Sep 17, 2020

This seems like the most natural thought to start the first blog entry just in time for Halloween.

For those that have followed my writing for a while, you’ll have seen lots of stories which ultimately culminated in the book Permission To Shine. Whilst I haven’t brought the previous blogs to this new site, the book will give those new to my work some key messages. You can order it here today. 

In the weeks to come, I’ll be adding new stories, interviews, poems, other creations, all with the intention of helping us all love and cherish who we are right now. 

If there is a particular topic you’d like me to revisit or write about please do let me know. A spark is always incredible.

I hope you have taken a chance to navigate through the new site and have met the members of The Barefoot Sanctuary Collective. They are all as passionate about this self love journey as I am. To see all The Barefoot Sanctuary experiences click here.

I want to take this opportunity to welcome you as an essential part of this community. We all deserve to keep peeling off those layers of doubt to get to the truth of who we are.

Beings of light – being human

We came here to be seen, be heard, to be ourselves, it’s safer now than ever before. But we need to acknowledge that it didn’t use to be safe, to understand why many of us might unknowingly have this unconscious fear. Since I moved here inn 2005 the energy has grown and strengthened. But we have a dark past. Many women living here, in James VI reign were accused of witch craft. It wasn’t safe to be seen or heard. I’d have been burned long ago!

Over 3000 people, mostly women were persecuted during this time. Considering the size of North Berwick, this number is huge. 

Several years ago, as I was opening up The Barefoot Sanctuary for the first time, I went into a gallery in Haddington formerly know as Peter Potters Galleries. As I entered I saw a film depicting women had been accused of being involved with witchcraft. In most cases it was people turning against people, because of ignorance or jealousy. Healers, intuitive women who were simply trying to help communities, now seen as a threat and dangerous were being shut down by the zealous church bodies of the day. 

It was incredibly moving as I stood there that day because I had not known the dark history of this beautiful bright coastal region. It is a terrifying history and I feel very strongly that if you are reading this blog and that counts if you are a man- you and I are the descendants of those women. 

So this is what I need you to hear today- they cannot and will not burn us now. It is safe for you to be you! 

It is safe for you to believe what you believe. To know what you know. To let the masks and labels fall away so that you can experience being fully you.

What part of you is afraid to be seen- do you hide yourself away behind labels? 

Do you find yourself unwilling to say what you think for fear of being shouted down, laughed at or rejected? 

Who you are in totality is by the grandest design in the Universe. Every single detail is required

As we move further into a new decade, there is upheaval and fear. It’s not a new version of you that is required, it’s the true version – all parts of you, the light and the dark.

The burning days are over. Let’s stand up taller, and be brave about what we feel inside, giving us all Permission to Shine.

With love from. 

Bernadette x

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