Are you too close to the elephant?

by | Mar 1, 2021

I’m named after a bear – Bernadette literally means brave bear. Parts of me don’t feel brave. This is a big reason why I sea swim and why I dive in . ( Book a 1-2-1 with me here)

Since that crucial swim in July 2010, this connection with the sea makes me feel braver. I keep doing it as I strive to carry that energy into other areas of my life. You can read about that day in Permission to Shine chapter 28. Your gremlins don’t live in nature.

I need to embrace the behaviour of a bear and hibernate for the winter. 

This goes against all that the striving world preaches, but it is totally aligned with all that mother nature models. Ironically because of the pandemic, unless we are a key worker, we have all had the chance to hibernate. But have you given yourself permission to surrender to it? The best days are always when I embrace and accept what is, rather than feel guilty about it.

When you are too close to the elephant all you see is grey.

Today’s card pulled from The Permission To Shine card deck made me smile. It confirmed I’m on track with some choices I’ve made of late for my own personal growth. It also reminded me of an evening in early January.

I frequently have to nip out to the local shop which involves turning right towards the High street. It’s just a few minutes walk to the shop. But this particular night, I decided to go left and loop round via the seafront making the walk longer. I was rewarded with glimpses into the seafront apartments, and what I call ‘a star bath’ upon reaching the beach. This always gets me out of my head. Returning the same way, I saw my home in full elevation from the street. 

Our home is a double upper and with everyone home that night, the lights were blazing. We have huge windows, and no curtains so we can always see the sea. Our huge reflective lampshades draw the eye of many a by-passer.

I paused and sat on the wall opposite for a few minutes. Glancing and imagining

By taking a few steps back, clearing my mind of judgements, I breathed in the beauty of my little world. Through fresh eyes I saw once again what’s right with my world, rather than focusing on what’s wrong with it. I saw the beauty, the creativity, and the warmth emanating from this nest we call home. 

The magic of gratitude and perspective.

I had a deep feeling of gratitude, and a renewed sense of appreciation welled up inside me. In the following days I was able to take this way of ‘seeing’ into nature, into my relationships. Seeing life my through fresh eyes – seeing life through Gods eyes. I stepped back, I paused and I saw the bigger picture.

I needed to deepen the levels of forgiveness and accept all of who I am. That required me to fall more in love with all of my current life and to instigate change. I appreciated the heck out of my home. I also made some changes, inside my mind and inside my home to match my street view imagination.

So if all you see is grey, take a few steps back and get a bit of perspective. See, appreciate and breathe in your life’s true beauty. 

Go and stand outside at night and walk around looking into your home. Forget what you know and step into a passers-by shoes. What do you imagine about this home? If you are in relationships, imagine looking at them through these fresh eyes too. I promise you there is more magic and beauty around you than you know. From that magic, enhance the flow that you desire and deserve. For if you can imagine it, you can create it.

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Ways I can help you more?

I believe we all know, what floats our boat but we might have get curious to find it. We can all fall pry to the illusion, that we don’t have options. We often blame ourselves for our current situation and that causes us to freeze. I help my clients discover the patterns and give them the tools to break through them. People who work with me rediscover the power of love and forgiveness. I help them imagine and then truly see the options and the beauty of their life more clearly.

1. See Your Future 1-2-1 (via zoom) Find your inner wisdom and get a glimpse of how things can be. This is a creative endeavour best suited for those who recognise themselves as an conscious empath.

2. The Barefoot Sanctuary ground and me. Outdoor guided journey to tap into your natural intelligence whilst in nature. Best suited to those who recognise themselves as a conscious empath.

3. The Barefoot Sanctuary Sea and me. (75 mins.) I will guide you personally in a 1-2-1 healing water experience. Only available to those living in East Lothian during lockdown. Suited to those who have read my book or worked with me in some form previously. 

4. The Barefoot Sanctuary coaching journey. To work with me on a longer term basis please firstly book a pre coaching call. You are required to fill out the coaching questionnaire to confirm this free call with me. I feel I’m best serving working with conscious empaths, and those looking to reconnect with the creative nature. This experience will involve

  • Time in nature,  (walks and sea swims)
  • Creative experiences ( Painting, vision boards)
  • Magical energy work ( guided journeys) where you can experience real and lasting shifts. 

For best results we would work together over a minimum of 6 months and maximum of 12 months. I can work with you remotely via zoom/ telephone for all of the sessions. If you are ready for this book a pre-coaching call and fill in the questionare 

Additional update: For those who have pre booked into outdoor group experiences, or other 1-2-1’s at TBS. We will be in touch once restrictions have been lifted to confirm new dates. 


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