And so God became a swallow.

by | Nov 17, 2020

We had some tech issues last week which meant this post disappeared so here it is again for those that didn’t get to the chance to listen.

With East Lothian going into level 2 we are also delighted to be able to say that group sessions will begin again inside The Barefoot Sanctuary, with all covid guidelines followed, so check out the November experiences and in the process you could help us raise funds for two amazing causes

At the very essence of The Barefoot Sanctuary, is that we are here to overcome our limiting beliefs. I believe in reincarnation, so I’m aware I’m here to overcome past life fears. I am doing this by giving myself permission to create, and by reminding myself that what other people think of me is none of my business.

To do that we all need to be willing to be vulnerable and stay F**k it from time to time.

Whatever we feel pulled to do involves why we are here.

I wrote this poem during lockdown. Time out on my bike or when swimming enabled me to watch the swallows. It started as a song and then I demented my family singing it in various forms over and over. Eventually it became my latest poem.

Fair warning- if you listen to this you’re going to hear me sing.

I love singing this tune, so finally I gave myself permission to sing the first line in this recording. Do I worry that you’ll laugh? Maybe a smidge. But, like I said, that’s none of my business.

In these strange times, nature is trying to tell us something. For me, she wants me to be braver.

What’s nature telling you?

With love until the next time.

Bernadette x

psst…Make sure you take a peek at what’s coming up at The Barefoot Sanctuary. We are raising funds as we go this month for two great causes Social Bite and East Lothian Food bank. So far we have raised almost £300.00


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