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The Barefoot Sanctuary

Founded by Life Coach Bernadette Petrie, The Barefoot Sanctuary empowers people to love and cherish who they are through a range of mindful and coaching experiences and, in doing so, give themselves permission to shine.

With a focus on emotional wellbeing and being outdoors particularly important right now, The Barefoot Sanctuary Experiences range from 1-2-1 or small group sessions, all in-line with current COVID guidelines and social distancing.

Join Bernadette Petrie and The Barefoot Sanctuary Collective – a team of like-minded yoga teachers, counsellors, therapists and volunteers – who guide the range of coaching experiences either taking place in the The Barefoot Sanctuary itself, outside in North Berwick’s beautiful green spaces and beaches, or online at www.thebarefootsanctuary.co.uk

The Barefoot Sanctuary Collective

Bernadette Petrie Creator of The Barefoot Sanctuary. Originally from Northern Ireland, I moved to Scotland in 1992 after my studies in England. The ‘Scottish’ boyfriend became my husband. A career in sales and marketing later and new found motherhood, the beach pulled me and my family to live in North Berwick in 2005.

My whole perspective changed in 2010 and I subsequently became a Life Coach. I am passionate about helping people practice mindfulness and follow their intuition.We now have two teenagers heading into the big world hopefully following theirs.

Spending much more time barefoot in nature and diving into the Scottish sea brought me back to my true self and set me on a path of spiritual awakening.

I created The Barefoot Sanctuary in 2014 and I published my first book, Permission To Shine in 2019.

In 2020 at the same time as lockdown, I experienced dealing with breast cancer. This has given me another reminder of the importance of healing, and resting to produce restoration. My intuition guides daily, sometimes it’s hard to listen, but following my Soul’s core desires means everything and I’m committed to walking the walk.

Are you ready to come on a barefoot journey with me too?

The core desires leading me today are Joy, Freedom, and Courage.

Meet The Barefoot Sanctuary Collective


Lizzie is a catalyst and facilitator pointing her clients gently in the direction of their future selves. Together they explore what it is to be human and how to still the noisy traffic of their minds to allow fresh new thoughts and insights. “We all have innate well-being as our default setting. When we allow ourselves to drop into that space, we find ourselves once more at home, at peace with ourselves and the world no matter how turbulent it may seem.”

As a Mindful Mentor and Energy Coach, Lizzie will work with you on-line or in person empowering and teaching you how to tap into the flow of what feels good and true for you. To Lizzie this feels like the path of the soul, being guided by inner wisdom.

Lizzie has found this to be a way of living a more insightful, fulfilling life in tune with what brings more happiness and joy. It is this that Lizzie looks forward to sharing with those who look in the direction of The Barefoot Sanctuary.

The core desires leading me today are Empowered, Connected, Joyful.

Kamila Sokolowski
Kamila Sokolowski

I’m originally from the Czech Republic and Scotland has been my home for the last 15 years. I am a fully trained TA counsellor and Birth companion and I have my own business www.harmoniasupport.co.uk. 

I am passionate about people’s life stories and I love supporting them on their path through their life challenges. I enjoy spending time with my family in the outdoors which includes running, yoga, walking and socialising with friends. My connection with nature and the outdoors is hugely beneficial both physically and mentally to me and my family and I love bringing Mother Nature into my work.

Through my work in the Barefoot Sanctuary, I would love to share with you different skills, how to trust your body, how to connect with intuition and wisdom and how to stay calm and relaxed so you can live a balanced, peaceful life and overcome the life obstacles with inner strength and encouragement.

The core desires leading me today are StrongSharing and Action.

Vicky Logan
Vicky Logan

I am a parent of three children, a primary school teacher and a yoga teacher. Living in a busy, noisy and often rushed world, I find myself needing stillness and peace to stay balanced. Through practising yoga, particularly Yin yoga, where the holding of poses allows the mind time to explore feelings of acceptance whilst the body is able to stretch enables me to find the space to slow down and connect with myself.

I adore teaching, it is my passion and I feel more than lucky to have found yoga and be able to share the benefits of it.

I love spending time with my family and friends, walking my dog at the beach, baking and travelling.

The core desires leading me today are CalmHappy and Content.

Tine Breusch
Tine Breusch

I moved from Germany to Scotland in 2003, and continued working as a teacher for German and nutrition. Meanwhile, back pain has made me a client of Pilates for many years until – thanks to my competent instructors – I pursued diplomas in Pilates Level 3, Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions, ante- and postnatal Pilates and Suspension Pilates.

Today, teaching Pilates and its benefits is my “favourite subject”. Changes and new challenges due to the pandemic, brought about the wish to further deepen the balance between the body, mind and spirit as the Josef Pilates Movement philosophy intends to achieve. My desire is to create various ways for fusing functional motion with uplifting emotions and calming thoughts, my rekindled love for poems and inspirations from my treasured walks are woven into the flow of a barefoot and balanced session.

The core desires leading me today are Connected, Caring and Playful.


Laura is HCPC Art Psychotherapist and an Illustrator, running creative workshops and a private art therapy practice within The Barefoot Sanctuary walls and outside in nature. Laura combines her illustration background and her work as an art psychotherapist to deliver creative workshops and events with therapeutic qualities, offering a relaxed, containing and a supportive environment.

Using music, guided visualisations and art materials Laura’s workshops/events will invite you to stop, pause and take time for yourself, to rediscover your playfulness, your inner child and the joy of letting your imagination run free.

Outside in nature is often where you will find Laura in her spare time, whether its walking her dog along the coast, riding her bike, having a dip in the sea or just pausing and taking it all in. Laura believes that nature is her nurture, and that it forms an important role in providing balance in the busy and sometimes loud world.

The core desires leading me today are WarmthLight and Wood.

Please note workshops/events delivered by Laura on The Barefoot Sanctuary website are not Art Therapy but will have therapeutic qualities. If you wish to find out more about individual art therapy sessions please contact Laura directly. Lauracavearttherapist@gmail.com

Fiona Unsworth
Fiona Unsworth

I live by the sea in North Berwick with my husband David, my two young girls Annie and Joanna and my dog Lola. The sea has always been special to me having grown up spending holidays with grandparents by the sea in Fife.

Over the years I have taken part in various water sports – kayaking, scuba diving, sailing, and more recently I have started sea swimming and really feel the benefit both physically and mentally. On dry land I love to play piano and sing my heart out! I am focused on living an authentic life, looking for guidance from within and following my inner compass.

My inner compass led me to massage therapy and am now a massage and reiki therapist. I have personally benefited from massage for stress relief throughout my life and often wondered what it would be like to be able to help people in the same way as I had been helped. It is the most wonderful feeling to put your hands on another body and to feel it physically change as tensions are released.

The core desires leading me today are Truth, Security and Confidence.

Bronwyn Macaskill
Bronwyn Macaskill

Born in South Africa and moved to Edinburgh in 1998 with my husband Doug. Edinburgh was where I first developed my love for Yoga and saw the many benefits of combining yoga with my long distance running.

We moved to AbuDhabi in 2008 where my journey into Yoga continued on a more emotional and spiritual level. In 2017 I completed my 200 hours with Kaya Peters in Yoga and Therapeutics and in 2018 I completed 100 hours Yin Yoga with Jacquelene Sadek.

In 2019 we moved to North Berwick where I discovered a passion for sea swimming which I find compliments my love of yoga from an emotional, physical and spiritual point of view.

My Intention is to share my journey, my joy and my love of Yoga in Barefoot and Restored.

The core desire values leading me today are Community, Excitement and Valued.

Covid-19 Safety at The Barefoot Sanctuary

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